COVID-19 is a health crisis that is instilling great uncertainty and at times a sense of fear for our world today. I want to personally thank you no matter who you are resident, staff member, family member we want to thank you all for putting your trust in the Wilmac family. I want to assure you we are watching this very closely and making changes rapidly as needed. I hope you find comfort in knowing that the staff and leadership are working together to protect your loved one. Please know we will continue to do our best to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

If a resident or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19 we will notify you the resident, family and staff here on our website. As we try to be transparent about what is happening on campus we do need to protect the privacy of our resident and staff.
This COVID-19 banner has been created to keep you up to date with our campus and we will update it frequently. Please check back often as this situation seems to change very frequently.

Currently on our campus we do not have any active cases with resident or staff.

I just want to remind you that we continue with all recommended screening measures. We have been screening all staff and visitors since 3.9.2020. As of 3.14.20 we restricted residents from our Village Center. Only essential staff are permitted inside the building and they are being screened as they enter and exit the building every day. They must be symptom free and temperatures are checked before starting their shift.
We know this is a stressful time for all of us and we appreciate all the kind words of encouragement. These are very trying times and we will get through this together.


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