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 We have been working towards opening up our Village Center again for dining and activities and yesterday was the day we were able to do so safely. The residents came up for morning exercise with Susie and we had several resident come eat in the dining room for the first time since December. The staff greeted the residents with big smiles and many air hugs. Staff were so excited to be able to have the residents back in the Village Center again as well as the residents happy to be back.  It has been a long hard year and we have come so far and had very little Covid issues on our campus. It has been a learning experience for us all. We continue to learn and grow from this pandemic and I want to thank all staff and residents for pulling together and keeping our campus safe and thriving during it all. We have been very blessed here on campus and we continue to move in the right direction for getting back to some kind of normalcy. We may never get back to what once was but we are sure going