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COVID-19 Update

 We currently have 1 staff member and 2 residents. We are encouraging our residents to stay home for the holidays and if they are will their families that they wear a mask and social distance themselves. We are in this together and want to get through this together. Stay home and stay safe.

COVID - 19 Update

 COVID-19 Update A staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. After being exposed by someone outside of our community. The staff member started having symptoms on Wednesday evening December 2 nd . The staff member was not at work the rest of the week. Contact tracing was completed and exposure was not found to be identified to Lancashire Terrace community. With this positive COVID-19 result we will be closing the Village Center until further notice. No dining or activities will be taking place at this time. With the holidays here we need to remember to stay safe and stay at home. Here is some information from the website: As we enter the holiday season, we must remain cautious. It may mean that our holidays look different this year, but we can still find ways to celebrate safely with our loved ones. Holidays and social gatherings are important. And we have many traditions – often ones that include holding festive celebrations, spending time together, and sharing meals. But