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 Flu shots will be given today September 30th starting at 11:00am and will finish around 1:00. We will be driving around to each cottage to administer the flu shot if you are wanting to get one today. If you receive a flu shot you will receive an ice cream cup!! 

LT Update

Lancashire Terrace will be opening the Village Center dining room today Wednesday September 30th with limited seating.  We only have interest for the dining room to be open 3 days a week. We will continue to delivery to those that do not want to come to the dining room for dinner. Masks must be worn until residents are seated and they must be put back on before exiting the building. Temps and CDC questions will be done as well. One way enter and exit will be enforced.  Lancashire Terrace still remains COVID free between residents and staff.  Activities will begin to come inside the Village Center as the days get colder. Please check out the activity for location of events.

COVID-19 Update

 Lancashire Terrace continues to remain COVID free between residents and staff. We have been working very hard on education and focus social distancing when in the public and to wash hands frequently.  We will be opening up or dining the end of this month, no date has been decided on as of today. We are closely watching the Lancaster County COVID numbers daily to make this decision. Once we have a date we will update you at that time.  Stay healthy and stay safe.