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Please make sure you are following these new mandates.  Here at Lancashire Terrace we have remained COVID free between residents and staff but we did have some that needed to  quarantine  because of possible exposure. COVID-19 is on the rise and we need to make sure everyone is being smart and staying safe.  Pennsylvania's Secretary of Health announced new targeted efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus Tuesday afternoon, including a strengthened mask mandate and a new order for those traveling to Pennsylvania from other states. Dr. Rachel Levine said anyone visiting Pennsylvania from another state must get tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours of entering the state. "If you do not have your test result when you come to Pennsylvania, then you need to quarantine until you get a negative test result," Levine said. Those who do not get a test must quarantine for 14 days. Pennsylvania residents who travel to other states must follow the same rules upon returning home. The or